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Question: I have a PCI express 2 motherboard, will a PCI express 3 card work?

Answer: Yes it will work fine. With even the best currently available GPUs there is very little ( a few percent) difference in performance between PCI-E 2 and 3.

What MotherBoard Should I Get ?


A computer's motherboard is the main printed circuit board containing and connecting its central components.
Motherboards are characterized by

What is a HDD and what should I buy ?

HDD refers to hard disk drive. The hard disk provides permanent storage of your programs and data when your computer is switched off. Hard hard disks have a capacity much larger than your computers system RAM.

Hard disk drives are characterized by

What is cache and what should I buy ?

Caching is a technique to improve a computers performance by providing fast temporary storage between the CPU and system RAM. In typical desktop and laptop systems several layers of caching are used. The fastest cache, the L1 cache, has a small capacity but is very fast. The L1 cache connects the CPU with a second layer of cache, the L2 cache, this in turn is connected to the main system RAM or to a third level of cache, the L3 cache.
What is the best sized cache ?